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Affordable Bunker Fuel

Power your business with affordable bunker fuel from ARI Energy Co, LLC in Southgate, Michigan. We buy our fuel directly from major refineries and sell to customers in shipping companies, power plants, and fuel-blending businesses. Read a detailed analysis of our carbon black feedstock slurry oil or our high sulfur carbon black slurry oil.

Bunker Fuel

Any Grade

Bunker fuel comes in many different grades that offer benefits to different industries.
Our products include:

• Fuel Oil #6, 3% Sulfur
• Fuel Oil #6, 1% Sulfur
• Slurry Oil
• Recycled Fuel Oil

Our Customers

Run your vessel or plant for less with low-cost fuel oil. Shipping companies use our bunker fuel to power their vessels, the power industry uses it to power plants, and fuel-blending companies use it as a component in other grades of fuel. Whatever your intended use, we ensure you receive the best product for your needs at a competitive price.

Contact us to power your vessels or plants with our low-cost fuel oil.